We will teach about energy efficiency with Fundació Eduard Soler.

Energy management is a key factor in business competitiveness, especially in the context of a constant increase in energy prices, where in a timely manner the process of energy transition to 100% renewable energy and optimization of energy consumption can be key to the success or failure of the activity.

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New publication: Simplifying the Verification of Simulation Models through Petri Net to FlexSim Mapping

Simplifying the encoding of a simulation conceptual model representation reduces the number of errors that will be detected in the verification phase. In this paper, we present a mapping between Petri nets, a well-known formalism, and FlexSim, a well-known simulation tool. The proposal is illustrated through an example of how a model specified in a Petri net can be encoded easily, reducing the time needed to understand and verify the model. In the proposed methodology, the mapping must be defined at the initial stage of the encoding, starting from (in this case) a Petri net conceptual model, and ending at the encoding tool (FlexSim in this case). The main advantages of the proposed methodology are discussed. View Full-Text Keywords: discrete simulation; Petri nets; FlexSim; mapping; verification

Energy efficiency opportunities, by Multidisciplinary Design

Energy improvement should be not only energy and cost savings, but also improvement in comfort, health and, finally, social improvement.

On November 30, a Conference on Energy Efficiency in Industry and Housing was held at the Eduard Soler Foundation, Ripoll, by the company Polyhedra Tech SL. The conference covered the most relevant issues to address the necessary improvements for companies in the field of energy efficiency. The day, directed by Doctor Antoni Fonseca, specialized in optimization and sustainability systems, described the changes and improvements, the new regulations and the energy audit processes (ISO 50001) that can be performed. Energy efficiency processes, both in industry and in homes, give many possibilities for real improvement in space. Professionals from various companies and some individuals have heard more and more interest in the field, as well as marking a path linked to reducing energy and controlling emissions internationally. The optimization processes are linked to Industry 4.0 where we find different levers directly related, such as data analysis, energy saving, virtual reality and augmented in process control, automation and control. The integration of renewable active systems and energy optimization, whether for industry or for homes, is the way to go to tackle the current climate change process.

The day was broadcast on the TV channel Ripollès where a short summary can be viewed next.

Ultra Clean Marathon

Polyhedra Tech participates in the organization of the Ultra Clean Marathon that will be held from May 5 to 11, 2019.

This second edition, unlike the previous one, will be a circular route that will pass 700 km through areas of great landscape and natural value of Catalonia, combining 3 modalities: stages of Running, stages in bicycle and stages in kayak.

The official athletes Albert Bosch and Nicole Ribera will be involved in the event, running the 7 stages, collecting the maximum number of waste, discovering natural areas and mobilizing the maximum number of people.

You can follow the race in almost real time here.

Terrassa presents a new tool for calculating the level of digital maturity developed by Polyhedra Tech

The Councilor for University and Innovation of Terrassa City Council, Adrián Sánchez, offered a press conference this afternoon to present the Digital Maturity Calculation Tool, a self-diagnosis tool that should allow the companies from the Spanish business network determine the position they occupy in relation to the technologies of Industry 4.0, in relation to the best positioning according to the experts and also in relation to the rest of the companies of the city.
The presentation, which took place in the auditorium of the #Q4drant0, also has participated, Pau Fonseca, cofounder of Polyhedra Tech, consultant in charge of the elaboration of the tool. Also attended by the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, Industry and Employment, Manuel Giménez. #innovation